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Catechin-Rich Tea (Natural Polyphenol of Green Tea)
Catechin-Rich Tea is made of the highest quality pesticide-free tea leaves that are harvested in highland of Shizuoka, Japan.
Catechin-Rich Tea contains active natural ingredients called Catechin (Polyphenol of Green Tea) and numerous vitamins, such as vitamin B2, vitamin D, vitamin K and beta carotene, as well as a well-balanced mineral content by using green tea leaves of autumn crop.
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The Amazing Power of Catechins
Catechin, the active ingredient in Catechin-Rich Tea, can bind with nitrogen and sulfur compound in your mouth to help eliminate bad breath.
Catechins can effectively sterilize the bacteria in your mouth that cause cavities, and also helps destory periodontal bacteria, which cause periodontal diseases.
Catechins have been clinically proven to fight different viruses, slow aging and improve general health.
Catechins destroy free radicals, which are highly reactive molecules that can damage the body at a cellular level leaving the body susceptible to cancer, heart disease and many other degenerative diseases.
Catechins affect the viruses that cause the common cold and influenza.
Catechins are also able to prevent heart disease by lowering blood pressure and suppressing "bad" cholesterol.
Catechins inhabit the breakdown and absorption of glucose in the small intestine, helping prevent blood sugar levels from excessively increasing.

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