High Quality Green Tea from Japan
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Green Tea

Our Green Tea is entirely free from the radiation effects by recent Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident.

Ureshino Tea (New!) Saga Prefecture

Kabuse Tea
Gyokusho Tea
The young leaves of a tea plant are covered from the sunlight for about 10 days to bring out excellent flavor, aroma and color. This most popular "Tama Ryoku Cha" (round green tea) is made with the first flush Yabukita variety. The flavor is mild and slightly sweet with a pleasant after taste.

Fukamushi Green Tea (Mie Prefecture)

Flower Tea
Refined and mild sweet taste Fukamushi green tea using Ichiban-Cha. Delicious sweet taste Fukamushi green tea using Niban-Cha.
Deep Tea
Mellow sweet taste mixed with stem.

Catechin-Rich Tea

Green Tea
Tea bags

5gr x 20 bags
Green Tea Powder (50gr )

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